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Ammonium Nitrate or urea in a grassland situation

Ammonium Nitrate or urea?



Choosing urea may save a little money upfront, but could cost you a lot more in productivity. Save £1.00 and lose £7.40 by using urea instead of reliable Ammonium Nitrate (AN).

There is a good reason AN fertiliser from CF Fertilisers (Nitram®) has been the market leading Nitrogen fertiliser for British grassland farmers for the last 50 years.  It is British made, lower carbon and has the same high quality every year.

We have all heard about how it is lower in losses than urea but now new research from 2015/16 has shown that it outshines both urea and inhibited urea for grass growth in spring and early summer.

Replicated trial work at Reaseheath College over two years have shown that AN (Nitram) delivers more  than the cheaper competition in both grazing and silage management.


Silage yields- Reaseheath College- Ammonium Nitrate vs urea

Grazing yields- Reaseheath College- Nitram vs urea


Nitram- Ammonium NitrateOver the two years, Nitram grew an average of 1.7t grass silage DM/ha more than urea- an 18% difference

Nitram increased grass DM yield by more than 7% over the first 3 grazings- an average of 0.4t DM/ha.

Can you afford not to realise these benefits?
Just look at the numbers…


  • Over an 80ha (200 acres) grassland block, from spring growth to second cut silage in July, using urea reduced grass energy yield by 850,920 MJ ME.
  • That amount of energy to produce 158,000 litres of milk.
  • That amount of lost dry matter over 80ha would require the purchase of 385 tonnes of silage fresh weight (£9,625@£25/t silage).

These costs are much higher than the saving on fertiliser over the 80ha (£1,304 with AN@£180/t and urea@£210/t).

So… using urea and inhibited urea products can save your system a little (£16.30/ha; £6.60/acre)but in the end cost you a lot (£120/ha; £48/acre).


Ammonia Nitrate Fertiliser is the best for UK Climate


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