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Research & Development

Each year at CF Fertilisers we spend considerable time and resources on research and development to ensure that our products lead the way in fertiliser thinking and ultimately yield and profit generation for the farmer.


2015 Projects

Arable/ Grassland  Research Company  Project Type  Crop  Project Name  Output of Data Project Realisation 
 Arable  ADAS  N Optimum  Winter Barley  Optimising N in WB Yield Responses of hybrid WB by variety N-Calc recommendations for WB
 Arable  ADAS  Precision- AG  Winter Barley, Winter Wheat & Winter Oilseed Rape  Develop an automated system for Precision applications of N fertiliser and PGR Refined algorithms for UK conditions Variable rate N and PGR service on arable crops in the UK 
 Arable  ADAS  S Optimum  Winter Oilseed Rape  Optimising Sulphur in WOSR Continuation of S response experiments including manures Advice on Sulphur rates on OSR
 Arable  HGCA/ADAS  N Optimum/ Biofuel Triticale & Winter Wheat Optimising N in Triticale and Biofuel Yield Responses of triticale and WW varieties N-Calc recommendations for Triticale and 1st/ 2nd wheat
 Arable  TSB/ADAS  N Response  Winter Wheat  Product Type Trial N response differences Product efficiency messages
 Arable  ADAS  N Optimum/ Variable  Winter Wheat  LearN project Yield variations between fields and farm  N-Calc recommendations and refinement of the N-Min system
Grassland George Fisher Consulting Differing N sources Silage and Grazing Nitrogen response trials in Silage and Grazing from different N sources Preferred Nutrient Management for Optimum Yield and Quality in Grassland AN outputs vs Urea on Grassland systems
Grassland On farm trial Sulphur Response Grass Silage Response of Grass silage yield and quality Yield and Grass quality data Up to date advice on Sulphur product choice for grassland farmer


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