Safe and Secure Storage and Handling

Storage and Handling

Fertiliser storage and handling is a major consideration throughout the distribution chain.

FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme) has been developed to help the industry manage the safety, security and traceability of all fertilisers and here at CF we help our farmers operate to their requirements by providing advice and Safety Packs.


For a quick summary on the safe storage and handling of fertilisers see our new video:

CF Fertilisers also offer support in a time of need on our 24/7 Emergency Number: 0151 357 4029


Emergency Advice

Ensure all staff are aware of the risks and know what to do in an emergency if fertiliser is involved in a fire:

  • Call the fire brigade
  • Do not inhale fumes
  • Use plenty of water
  • Keep the building well ventilated.

CF Fertilisers Safety Data Sheets providing more detailed emergency information can be found here.


Safe and secure storage


Safe Delivery and Handling

You will receive a phone call from the CF haulier to agree a delivery time.  Please would you:

  • Notify and prepare any staff.
  • Ensure correct equipment is available to offload.
  • Report any problems with delivery immediately.  Once delivered, you are responsible for the product and for the product and for keeping it in top condition.
  • Use the correct equipment when handling.  This is especially important when storing, as any damage to packaging can have an impact on safety and product quality.


Fertiliser Storage Advise

Fertiliser lifting and transport advice


Notification Requirements*

If you store or are likely to store a combined total of 25 tonnes or more of 'dangerous substances' (this includes pesticides & AN based fertilisers classed as oxidising agents), you must:

  • Notify HSE
  • Notify the local fire & rescue service
  • Display a general Danger Sign (Yellow triangle with exclamation mark) at the site entrance and an Oxidising Agent 5.1 sign on the store door.

If you store or are likely to store more than 150 tonnes (but less than 999 tonnes) of Ammonium Nitrate- based fertiliser products containing more then 15.75% Nitrogen, you must:

  • Notify the local fire and rescue service.

*Full details of the notification requirements are contained in the leaflet INDG467 The Dangerous Substances  (Notification and Marking of Site) Regulations 1990).  Guidance on Ammonium Nitrate storage and handling can be found in leaflet INDG230 Storage and Handling of Ammonium Nitrate.  Both these are obtainable from HSE at www.hse.gov.uk


Five Point Plan

  1. Wherever possible, use a Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) approved supplier
  2. Wherever possible, keep in a secure area such as a building or sheeted away from public view
  3. Carry out regular stock checks and report any loss to the Police immediately (call 101)
  4. Avoid leaving fertiliser in a field overnight- never leave fertiliser in the field for a long period of time
  5. Remember, it is illegal to sell Ammonium Nitrate without the correct documentation

This plan has been produced in collaboration with Farmers Unions and the Police and may change. 

Secure your feriliser safely

Content is based on information available April 2015.  The guidance on the page is of a general nature and is based on sources of information currently available.  Whilst CF Fertilisers has used its best endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the guidance, it cannot accept responsibility for any liability resulting from it's use.