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Cereals 2015 Round Up

Cereals 2015- The Leading Arable Farming Event


CF Fertilisers Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Producer at Cereals


Cereals 2015, once again, saw the CF Fertilisers team set up ‘camp’ in Lincolnshire for the largest Arable Farming event of the year.  Rolling out our latest Research and Development points brought 1000’s to the stand to discuss fertiliser requirements and to view the next generation in precision farming- ISARIA.

The ISARIA machine is easily mounted to the tractor and is a crop sensing system used to measure crop Nitrogen uptake, optimising the application rates of Nitrogen fertiliser across cereals and oilseed rape (OSR).  Talks presented by Pete Berry from ADAS, Chris Argyle and Chris Harry- Thomas from Chris Harry- Thomas Consulting were well received by the crowds gathered to see ISARIA in action. 

Chris Harry- Thomas presenting ISARIA


Take home messages from our Tech Tent included:

  •          Increase your yields by 3-12% by ensuring you apply the right nutrients to the right areas to maximise your financial returns- through the use of ISARIA.
  •          Do you want to use the best straight Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser on the market?   Yes, use Nitram® for its accurate application, a cost effective solution, low N losses and a concentrated product with a lower carbon footprint.
  •          Are you using urea, liquid N or inhibited urea… yet wanting a quality crop with a top yield?  Think again, unless you’re applying Nitram®, you could be losing up to 43% of the N you apply.


CF Fertilisers advice and services

 As always you could to enter our famous Farmers Weekly competition, this year with the chance to win 50 bags of Nitram® to celebrate its golden year.  Winner to be announced shortly….!

Proudly displayed in the centre of the stand was our Golden Nitram® Bag.  The promotion is all part of the Ammonium Nitrate brands’ 50th birthday celebrations.  100 lucky farmers will receive their Nitram® order in gold bags rather than the iconic blue before the end of the year.  Any farmers who receive a gold delivery should contact their distributor when they take a delivery in the specially branded bags- find out more.

Nitram Ammonium Nitrate Gold Bag Promotion


Nitram® 50 Party


Ammonium Nitrate, Nitram 50th Party


Saturday afternoon saw hundreds gather to celebrate Nitram’s 50th birthday.  Meurig Raymond, NFU President opened proceedings with a toast to the trusted brand’s future, with Meurig offering his memories of blue bag and his hope to see its continued use on farms across the UK. 



As the sun shone, English sparkling wine and beer grown with Nitram’s help flowed.   The fun continued with a quiz, darts games, musician and magician entertaining the crowds.   

The proudly grown with Nitram® theme continued into our British Farmers Market where produce grown around the country, using our trusted Ammonium Nitrate brand, was displayed.  It showcased top quality food and drink selected by discerning distributors for the British consumer, highlighting the importance of 'quality in giving quality out' throughout the production process.


Back British Farming- Nitram Farmers Market


A special thanks goes to the suppliers of the British Farmers Market:

  •          Al Brooks of H Walker & Son supplier of milling wheat to Wessex Mill- Flour
  •          Andrew Ward- Silver Spoon Sugar
  •          Art Tucker of Tinwood Estate- English Sparkling Wine
  •          Barber Family- West Country Cheddar
  •          Chris Richardson- Cress 
  •          Corkers Crisps of Cambridgeshire
  •          Dan Powell Cotwolds Brewery- Beer
  •          David and Helen Sanderson- Rapeseed Oil
  •          Edward Hemming of EF Hemming & Sons supplier to Freshways- Milk
  •          Harvey & Son (Lewes Ltd)- Harvey's Beer
  •          Keith Alderson- Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls
  •          Plumpton Estate- English Sparking Wine
  •          Ray Manning of MA Manning & Son supplier to Watergull Orchards- Apple Jiuce
  •          Richard Collishaw supplier to Long Clawson Dairy- Stilton Cheese
  •          Robin and Catherine Linch of Foxfield Orchard supplier to Bulmers Cider
  •          Tom Stevenson of Stevenson Brother's- Potatoes