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Livestock Event

Held early July each year, the Livestock Event is the leading B2B event for the UK livestock industry, it's an essential visit for any farmer, herdsman or individual involved with the Industry.  

Principally sponsored by Barclays, we host both cattle and trade exhibitors within a 64,000sqm event area alongside working machinery demonstrations, 3 seminar areas, foot trimming demonstrations, National Dairy & Beef Shows and the National Lleyn Competition.

The event attracts more than 450 exhibitors covering 13 unique product zones. Exhibitors are on hand during the two-day event to demonstrate all-new equipment, products and services to over 17,000 UK and International livestock farmers.

Find out more about the event here.


Invest time in nutrient planning


Time spent working out a farm nutrient management plan will help output and cut production costs, CF Fertilisers is advising farmers ahead of the Livestock Event.

A nutrient plan is not just about bags of fertiliser – it looks at the energy (ME) and nutrient needs across the whole farm to calculate where farmers can balance manure and fertiliser inputs to minimise cost and optimise grass and crop yields.

“We tend to think of a nutrient management plan as just balancing manure and soil nutrients with purchased fertilisers,” says CF Fertilisers Consultant, Dr George Fisher, “but we must also be thinking about how the plan fits into the farming system to get the most out of home-grown grass and forage energy.”

In most cases, increasing production of feed on farm is an effective way to reduce costs. Purchased feeds are effectively bought-in energy whereas, anything you grow on farm is more efficient and cost effective in providing energy for your milk or meat production systems. And these issues are increasingly important with the current market dynamics in the grassland farming sector.

“Nutrient planning as well as grassland management and crop selection are really about taking steps to increase efficiency and reduce costs with the land you’ve got,” George continues. “These steps can be relatively small changes or an overhaul of the whole system; it really depends on where the farm is now and what the aim is.”

CF Fertilisers has recently carried out new research that suggests some farmers could make significant gains through some small changes.

One piece of work showed how maintenance dressing of Phosphate at soil index 2 or 3 can increase yield by 12% in silage crops. Other work has shown the importance of Sulphur applications for both quality and yield.

For farmers who want to find out more about nutrient planning, CF Fertilisers is offering free consultations at this year’s Livestock Event – simply go and visit stand FF231.


How to get your FREE tickets to Livestock Event


Make sure you pick up the INVITATION to download your FREE ticket to Livestock Event for either Wednesday 8 or Thursday 9 July.

You’ll find your invitation as follows:
· GB dairy farmers: in DairyCo’s All Things Dairy, June issue
· NI dairy farmers:  from your milk processor
· GB beef and sheep farmers:  from NFU
· NI beef and sheep farmers: from LMC

Make sure you pick up the INVITATION to download your FREE ticket to Livestock Event for either Wednesday 8 or Thursday 9 July.

REDEEM INVITATION pre-midnight on Tuesday 7 July.

Enter the unique six digit code on the INVITATION card, print off the E-TICKET and bring to the event.


Book your appointment with our resident grassland expert: George Fisher

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