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Hefin Llywd, CF Fertilisers Adviser speaks to the British Grassland Society with his aim for 2016.


Hefin Llwyd New Year Aim to support farmers through knowledgeable fertiliser use


The key to this is understanding grass growth potential so that you can graze and cut at the optimum timing, supported by nutrient inputs when grass can make the most of them.

I always encourage my clients to take measurements so they have the numbers to back up their decisions; and keeping records makes it much easier to spot areas for improvement. Over the year, the effects of every decision about fertiliser use and grass management add up to big quantities of feed for livestock.

Before fertiliser applications kick off, farmers should have a field-by-field Nutrient Management Plan and targets for production and utilisation. It’s worth setting ambitious targets to help focus the mind on specific areas for improvement.

Early growth is very important so we should consider including Phosphate in the first dressing. Research shows that early season Phosphate in a product like EarlyBite (25-10-0) can boost spring grass production even at soil indexes 2 and 3.