The UK's leading manufacturer of Ammonium Nitrate and compound fertilisers has produced a new video about a unique service to help farmers get the most from their crops.



The video provides details of CF Fertilisers's N-Min service, which helps farmers determine the exact amount of Nitrogen fertiliser needed to produce the best yields.

It is the only test that measures both the immediately available Nitrogen in the soil and that which will become available throughout the rest of the growing season - the Additional Available Nitrogen (AAN).

By taking the guesswork out of calculations it ensures farmers know precisely how much Nitrogen fertiliser they need to apply in order to achieve optimum results.

The video provides agronomists and farmers with details about the N-Min test - highlighting the role of CF Fertilisers' farm advisers, while also looking at the soil sampling process and how the results are calculated.

Mr Shaw, who farms a mix of wheat, barley, rape and potatoes at Aston Grange and is a user of N-Min said: "It's always interesting to go out into the field with CF Advisors such as John Scott, to assess the crops and plan for the spring work. It's reassuring watching him take the samples properly and I'm always interested in the results.

To have this knowledge means we only use the fertiliser that we need to use, with minimum impact on the environment. It makes my job easier and gives me real confidence that every pound is a pound well spent.

Mr Scott said:

Using the CF Fertilisers N-Min test to assess Soil Nitrogen Supply more accurately will help growers tailor early and overall Nitrogen applications.

N-Min ensures that crops receive just enough Nitrogen to meet their requirements, taking into account any contributed from applications of organic manure/materials. Balancing P & K indices and maintaining adequate pH levels all contribute towards achieving optimum crop performance and as importantly, minimise adverse effects to the wider environment.