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Billingham Manufacturing Plant

The Billingham Site is an integrated production and storage facility, manufacturing chemicals, utilities and Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser. 


Billingham Manufacturing Plant 


The Billingham plant, with a workforce of 190 people, is at the heart of the Teesside Chemical Industry and has many close links with neighbouring chemical companies where Ammonia and nitric acid are key raw materials.  The site consists of two main areas the Ammonia Plant and Portrack which supplements Ammonium Nitrate (Nitram) production from Ince.

The workforce constantly looks for ways to improve the sites productivity. With their innovation and investment the plants have all set new production records and significantly lowered carbon production. Billingham has its own laboratory where products are tested at many stages of manufacture to ensure they meet specifications before being released for sale. The laboratory also monitors site activities to ensure that strict environmental agreements are met with regard to effluent.

CF Fertilisers UK will continue to invest and manufacture at both its state-of-the-art Ince and Billingham sites, producing market leading fertilisers that make a real difference to farmers - optimising crop performance and yields.

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