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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At CF Fertilisers, we aim to develop a sustainable business, accounting for health, safety, environmental and social considerations within our business strategy. 


Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship


  • The safety, health and welfare of everyone we impact upon is at the heart of our manufacturing strategy as we focus on safe working practices on our sites and in improving the safety across our manufacturing processes.
  • We strive to improve our environmental stewardship, both in terms of our production emissions and through the work that we have done with INCA and the RSPB to improve natural habitats for wildlife around our sites.
  • Our drive to improve energy efficiency within our business, sits at the heart of our business operations. As a consequence, we benchmark well against the efficiency of our competitors in and outside Europe.
  • We have worked with UK government and with the Carbon Trust to monitor and invest significant sums to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our manufacturing operations, reducing these by over 1.1 million tonnes CO2e per annum during the last 5 years. In 2012 we became the first fertiliser company to carbon footprint all of its products with the Carbon Trust to the highly rigorous PAS 2050 standard.
  • CF Fertilisers has C02 that is carbon capture ready, we are working with the Teesside Collective, the UK’s leading Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage project to establish Europe’s first CCS equipped industrial zone- view the video
  • Adopting a life cycle approach to agricultural emissions with our products, using N-Min® and N-Calc puts us in a strong position to support farmers in reducing their environmental impact too.

Contact us on our advice line +44 (0)151 357 5758 for more information.


Our Local Communities & Charitable Giving Policy


We firmly believe it is our duty to be a good neighbour within the local communities in which we live and operate. We communicate regularly about our investments, safety and environmental performance and have a strong tradition of good community relations.

We continue to build on these relationships, both as a local employer and also by giving to local community activities/groups.

We also welcome applications for funding from a wide range of groups local to our production sites. Awards are targeted towards local community activities rather than national charities although sometimes we do support these when our employees are actively involved in personal fund raising activities. Applications are to be made using the forms provided- find the relevant form here.