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Product Stewardship

Taking responsibility seriously

Responsible product stewardship is about making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, use and disposal of all our products. Everyone, ourselves as manufacturers, our Distributor partners and farmer users, has a role to play in delivering good Product Stewardship.

At the factory it means:

  • Formulating products which meet agronomic and customer's requirements efficiently and effectively
  • Following manufacturing processes which ensure the health and safety of employees
  • Investing in production techniques to minimise the environmental impact of fertiliser manufacturing
  • Minimising waste
  • Ensuring fertilisers are stored and transported safely and securely

On-farm it means:

  • Getting advice from a FACTS qualified Adviser
  • Making use of all the available tools to ensure fertilisers are only applied when necessary e.g. soil analysis, mineral Nitrogen tests, a fertiliser plan
  • Spreading fertilisers accurately by selecting products with good spreading characteristics and regularly calibrating the spreader
  • Keeping fertilisers out of watercourses, hedge bottoms and other sensitive habitats
  • Storing fertilisers responsibly (see Five Point Plan)
  • Moving and emptying fertiliser bags carefully
  • Keeping good records
  • Following all legal requirements e.g. for Cross Compliance and Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Action Programmes
  • Disposing of packaging responsibly (see AIC information for farmers)