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Advice & Services

CF Fertilisers advice and services have been specifically designed to support you in your quest for optimal nutritional stability through fertiliser planning.


Soil needs to be carefully managed in order to maintain the delicate balance between nutrition, the environment and yield.

CF advice helps farmers focus on using fertiliser as efficiently as possible.  It is accessed via a nationwide team of FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified CF Advisers and Distributor Fieldsmen based in their local regions with an understanding of local cropping and farming issues.


CF Farmers achieve above average yields and quality


Nitrogen Management: N-Min®


Nitrogen is essential for both yield and quality, optimum applications will typically double crop yields, but did you know that over application results in wasted nutrients and money?

Effective Nitrogen Management produces:

  • Yield and quality expectations met

  • Lower environmental impact

  • Increased farm profitability

Don’t forget other nutrients make a difference…

Accurately assessing the amount of Nitrogen to apply is arguably the most important nutrient decision on the farm but it is not the whole story. Crops will only use Nitrogen (N) efficiently when soil pH is correct and sufficient Phosphate (P), Potash (K) and Sulphur (S) are available.

The N-Min service is the only Nitrogen test that measures both Soil Mineral Nitrogen and Additionally Available Nitrogen to accurately quantify the Total Nitrogen available during the growing season.

Unlock the potential on your farm today…


Nitrogen Requirement: N-Calc 


Our N-Calc service uses the N-Min result to more accurately assess Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS), then taking account of the farmer’s yield and quality expectations, it will calculate the optimum Nitrogen fertiliser rate for cereals and OSR.

N-Cal recommendations will:

  • Ensure farmers’ yield and quality aspirations are met

  • Allow changes in economic circumstances to be accounted for

  • Minimise the environmental impact of crop production

  • Ensure every £ spent on Nitrogen is well spent.

CF Fertilisers Advice


Through extensive Research and Development we ensure that our products are able to deliver best in class for crop fertilisation and ultimately yield.

CF Fertilisers invest annually in research projects working with facilities such as ADASArmstrong Fisher, TAG and Rothamsted Research. The projects we fund directly influence the advice and services we provide on farm and through our distributor network.

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