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Nitrogen Sulphur Product Choices

Ammonium Nitrate based products are the most effective way to deliver the vital Sulphur your crop requires.  Annual applications of Sulphur are now routine, but are you getting the best results from your Sulphur investment?

The most effective method to supply a Nitrogen Sulphur hungry crop is to use a True Granular Compound fertiliser such as DoubleTop® or SingleTop®  which contains N and S in each granule.

  • DoubleTop is an Ammonium Nitrate based fertiliser with Ammonium Sulphate combined into the granule as the Sulphur source.  It is a Sulphur-rich compound containing 27N (30SO3) and is the most popular of its type.  Find out about the history of DoubleTop here.
  • SingleTop 27N (12SO3) in which Calcium Sulphate is the Sulphur source, offering lower Sulphur content for the flexible 'little and oftern' approach.

The Advantages of a CF NS Fertiliser

  • A granulated product
  • Made to a high specification in our UK factory
  • The correct ratio of N:S with every granular containing the same ratio of Nitrogen to Sulphur
  • Reliable and delivers consistent spread productivity and quality
  • Even distribution of nutrients when spread
  • Accurate and consistent spread pattern to wider widths
  • Lower level of Nitrogen volatilisation at spreading
  • Immediately available Sulphur as Sulphate

Are there any other types of NS fertiliser available?

Yes, these are urea based S products which increase the risk of N loss to the atmosphere on application.

Lets look at the two together...

Advantages of an AN based Sulphur fertiliser


Urea S blended products

There are a range of urea + S blended products available, however they tend to separate out in the hopper and spread unevenly.  Urea and the Ammonium Sulphate are visually similar and so the uneven distribution can be difficult to spot.  However a poor spread will lead to crop striping and lower yields.  See more on blends vs compound fertilisers.

With N and S in each granule, our products supply each plant with the correct ratio of N and S.

Visual difference between a blended and a compound NS fertiliser

How does product choice impact on yield?

DoubleTop improved yield by 0.3 t//ha

Trials, detailed in the graph below, clearly show the yield benefit where Sulphur was applied as DoubleTop (27N 30SO3) compared to a urea Sulphur blend (38N 19SO3),  Both products supplied the same amount of Nitrogen with Sulphur at 112kg SO3/ha (90units/ac).

DoubleTop fertiliser delivers more

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