Calibration and Spreaders

Calibration and Spreaders

CF Fertilisers recommends that with each new spreading season you have your spreader calibrated.


See the SCS spreader and sprayer testing video below for more information on how to set up a fertiliser spreader correctly.

No matter how good the fertiliser plan, inaccurate spreading will result in higher environmental impact, reduced yields and ultimately lower profits.


Calibration Benefits 

We recognise the importance of maximising the effectiveness/ value of fertiliser and work closely with the calibration specialists SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Limited who offer a reliable, well organised calibration service. 

Cost of professional test can be recouped by getting a uniform crop, high yield and better grain quality

Factors affecting the width of spreading;

  •        Design of the spreading disc/vanes and the way the fertiliser is delivered to the disc and vanes
  •        Density, strength, size and shape of the granule
  •        Weather conditions, especially wind
  •        Settings on the spreader e.g., spreader height/angle


Spreader Manufacturers 

CF Fertilisers also liaise closely with spreader manufacturers to ensure that spreader settings are as up-to-date as possible. This is achieved by annually providing fertiliser for spreader manufacturers to assess at their test halls in Europe. The test hall determines, under controlled conditions, the spreader settings for each machine at all spreading widths; they are then published in their websites or associated apps.

For more information on spreader settings please click on the relevant manufacturer below to visit their websites:


CF Fertilisers strongly recommends that you set up your spreader for both application rate and spread pattern.