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2015 R&D Supports Sulphur Use

Latest 2015 trials support better yields and quality when applying Sulphur

2015 is a typical Sulphur responsive year


Sulphur benefits yield:

  • Sulphur has increased yields by at least 0.5t DM/ha
  • An extra 0.5t DM silage at 11 ME costs £40 to make (£80/t DM)
  • If used at 75% efficiency, this gives an extra 4,125 MJ ME per ha and will make 764 litres of milk (benefit after cost of £143/ha)
  • The same energy can be used to replace 0.33t concentrate (benefit after cost of £52/ha).


Effect of Sulphur fertilisers


Sulphur benefits quality:

  • Improved protein and sugar contents will increase DM intakes
  • 1kg extra silage DM intake per cow per day at 11 ME equates to 2 litres milk or 0.88kg concentrate less fed
  • That’s an opportunity of an extra 48p per cow, per day in milk or a saving 16p per cow, per day in less concentrate fed.

Sulphur increases first cut grass quality


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