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Grassland R&D- Phosphate

Maintenance Phosphate applications increase grass yield, even at P soil index 2/3

  • Replicated experiment at Reaseheath College, Cheshire.
  • Clay loam soil, pH 6.5, P index 2/3, K index 2-.
  • 240kg N/ha over 3 cuts (90/90/60) with P applied for each cut (40/25/15, or 60/38/22).
  • RB209 (Fertiliser Manual) says apply 80kg P2O5/ha at P index 2 and 20kgat P index 3.
  • Resulted in +12% DM yield response shows benefit of maintenance P applications.

Benefits of Maintenance Phosphate

Applying Phosphate early can boost spring grass yields

Replicated trials in Cheshire and Devon also show this impact of Phosphate on early grass growth.  On both sites, spring yields at 1st cut were boosted by at least 15% on soil P index 2 and 3, by applying 40 kg P2O5/ha.

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