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The impact of Pence Per Litre on your fertiliser costs

The cost of any fertiliser is around 1 ppl.

We recently polled dairy farmers and found that only 23% of those surveyed actually think about their fertiliser costs in terms of pence per litre (ppl) of milk.

Understanding your fertiliser investment in terms of pence per litre, allows you to see the minimal impact that a difference in £/t actually has on your production costs. 

In fact choosing the most effective fertilisers has a greater impact on reducing your overall feed costs and increasing your return on investment in fertiliser.


The fertiliser type and quality has a much greater impact on yield and profit than it does on ppl cost.

For example, it’s well known that the best source of Nitrogen for our British maritime climate is AN, due to its low levels of ammonia losses.

In 3 years of independent trials conducted at Reaseheath College, it was found that Nitram produced 15% more silage and 8% more grazed grass than using urea as a cheaper, but less efficient, Nitrogen source.


By spending a little more time on thinking through fertiliser performance and choosing a quality product, such as Nitram, will greatly improve your yields and forage allowing you the opportunity to spend less on feed or produce more milk.


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