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Sulphur fertiliser proves essential on light and medium soil types.

Sulphur, we can't live with it, we can't live without it...

It’s not that long ago that we got 70 to 80kg/ha of Sulphate simply falling out of the sky every year, but this has now fallen to below 10kg/ha and in many areas it is below 5kg/ha.

As the air we breath continues to benefit from lower Sulphur Dioxide emissions, more crops require Sulphur. Sulphur deficiencies were first noticed in light soils, but even heavier soil types are now starting to show deficiencies.

Sulphur emissions graph

Research has proven that medium soil types show a yield benefit when Nitrogen Sulphur fertiliser is applied and even heavier soils are beginning to show signs of potential Sulphur deficiency.  Don't miss out on extra yield and quality by applying CF SingleTop to your grass.

Trials show CF’s blue bags could boost yield and profits

Boost your yield with SingleTop

Two years of trials revealed that the application of Sulphur boosted yields over two very different years on medium and clay loam soils at Barthomley in Cheshire.

CF SingleTop (27N + 12 SO3), which has both Nitrogen (N) and Sulphur (S) combined in each granule, was compared directly to 34.5% straight N. For silage land, N was applied at 210kg N/ha over two cuts from both fertilisers with the NS plots receiving 93kg SO3/ha from the SingleTop.

“Both years showed a 29% boost in grass for silage production representing an average gain of 2.4t/ha dry matter across first and second cuts, which was a very strong and consistent response,” explains James Holloway, CF Fertilisers Western Regional Manager.

It’s a similar situation with the grazing trials. In these, N was applied at 180kg N/ha from both fertilisers over the first four rotations, with the NS plots receiving 80kg SO3/ha from the SingleTop. The average response was 16% on the grazing land, with the total grazing yield lifted by 1.1t/ha.

Optimise Crude Protein levels with Sulphur

Independent trials also show that grass CP% content is higher with Sulphur.

Real financial benefits

Independent grassland consultant Dr George Fisher says that for every £1 invested in Sulphur containing fertiliser to lift the crude protein in silage, farmers can expect to save £2 on the extra soya meal that they’d otherwise have to buy to provide the same rations.

“For a dairy cow requiring 10kg of dry matter grass silage per day over a 185-day winter feed period, lifting the crude protein by 2% points – say from 14% to 16% – would cost an extra £14.77 per cow by replacing 250kg from straight N (34.5%) with SingleTop (27N + (12SO3).

“Doing the same thing by adding 45% crude protein soya meal to the diet at £305 per tonne would cost £28.40 per cow – nearly twice as much.”

But in George’s view this doesn’t take in the true value of Sulphur as it omits yield improvement. The trials revealed that in fact the cost of Sulphur fertiliser represented a real return on investment of over 12:1.

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