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Nitrogen Fertiliser Use Efficiency

Improved Nitrogen Efficiency = Improved Profit

Regardless of farming system, using a fertiliser that improves Nitrogen efficiency will always lead to improved profit and less environmental impact.

While you may have seen increased coverage of NUE (Nitrogen Use Efficiency), the term NfUE (Nitrogen Fertiliser Use Efficiency) is starting to creep into everyday farming vocabulary. Understanding the efficiency that crops use different types of fertiliser is increasingly important for production management and environmental impact.

Why is NUE Important?

What is NUE?

NUE is the amount of nutrient removed by the crop, relative to nutrients supplied from soil, applied manures and fertilisers. This is how it is calculated.

What is NfUE?

NfUE focusses purely on the recovery of Nitrogen fertiliser. By removing all other N sources, this gives a much clear picture of the impact of fertiliser source and choice on production efficiency.

It is specifically about recovery of manufactured fertiliser, or in other words a measure of how efficient various fertilisers perform in the field.

The calculation is shown below, resulting in a % number and the higher the % number then the more efficient the fertiliser type.

What is a typical NfUE?


Improving NfUE at a glance

  • Understanding NfUE key to understanding fertiliser performance
  • The higher the level the more efficient Nitrogen use is
  • Better quality products reduce loss of N and are more environmental friendly
  • Return on investment improved when NfUE optimised
  • Sulphur essential in achieving highest NfUE

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