If you put Quality in you'll get Quantity out

Quality measures

Quality is at the heart of all we do here at CF Fertilisers.


From our manufacturing processes, learning from the Research and Development that we under take each year, through to the fertiliser that arrives safely on your farm.


Our vision is to make CF Fertilisers the first choice for British farmers. In order to achieve this it is important to retain our status as market leader.



By investing in Research and Development each year we ensure that our trusted brand names of Nitram®, DoubleTop®, SingleTop® and our True Granular Compound fertiliser (NPKS) remain visionary products with a CF mark of quality. This is backed up by a knowledgeable Field Team and Advice Line standing by to assist you with any query.


 The quality of our fertiliser is of vital importance to us and it is reflected in your fields by a product that has a reliable spreading width and a free flow.

To ensure that this occurs our Nitram® prills are measured for size, bulk density and moisture content every four hours, with temperature constantly monitored.

As you would expect, our granular fertiliser is consistently measured throughout the day:

  • every 30mins- nutrient content

  • 2 hourly- granulate size

  • 4 hourly- product size, bulk density and coating levels.

Ensuring that nothing but the best reaches your farm.


 Our highly skilled customer service team are on standby to ensure that our fertilisers arrive at your door quickly, efficiently and safely. From pre-delivery checks, readily available customer service representatives through to the highest specification packaging on the market, buying blue bag really does mean buying quality.


 As the only UK fertiliser manufacturer we ensure that our products are adapted to be the most effective in our maritime climate. The Defra NT26 report on comprehensive trials looking at response to different Nitrogen types, went as far as to state:

AN remains the best option for UK agriculture and early application of urea did not guarantee reduced ammonia losses’.

Defra NT26


Do you know where your fertiliser has come from?


Do you know where your fertiliser is from?


With imports of both Ammonium Nitrate and Urea coming from all over the world quality and specification can vary. With a single company producing the product and strict manufacturing guidelines, Nitram® and the others in our wide range of fertilisers can be relied on for their consistency and quality.

As a British company we proudly support the economy with employment throughout the UK, corporation taxes paid and contributions to local charities.

See how our fertiliser is made here.


Our Nitram® fertiliser has been growing British crops for 50 years, and celebrates its Golden Anniversary in 2015.

A recent YouGov survey showed that 85% of the population want to see supermarkets selling more food from British farms and CF Fertilisers is behind this campaign to support future food security.

The important role food and farming plays must be recognised.  As well as producing food, it’s farming’s contribution to the country’s economy, in creating jobs, as well as to the rural landscape and we are right behind these issues.

Sam Bell Commercial Director CF Fertilisers

 ISO 9001

 Our commitment to quality means that we have successfully gained, through independent audit, the ISO 9001 award- an international sign of quality.

For free advice and more information about this service please call out Crop Nutrition team on +44 (0)151 357 5758 or email advice@cffertilisers.co.uk