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When others won't- Nitram Will

Nitram - The British Farmers' Choice

Ammonium Nitrate (AN) has been the British farmers’ fertiliser of choice for over 50 years. The success of AN is due to its unrivalled performance, return on investment, promotion of crop yield, and lower risk to the environment; this makes Nitram a highly desirable and effective fertiliser for farmers across England, Scotland and Wales. A survey conducted by CPM has revealed that Nitram is the product of choice, as over 75% of British farmers prefer to use solid fertilisers like Nitram in Great Britain.

Will Nitram work for me?

We understand that British farming varies and the same system may not be suitable for everyone. By asking the right questions, examining the evidence and taking into consideration the practical issues involved, it’s then straight-forward to find the best option for your farm.


Why Nitram WIll


Questions to review your fertiliser system:

  •  How much Nitrogen is this N source likely to lose in terms of volatilisation?
  •  Is the Nitrogen source directly available to the plant?
  •  What Return on Investment does your fertiliser input give you?
  •  How much Nitrogen and Sulphur are you applying?
  •  How many applications do you make?

Questions on cropping targets:

  •  What yields are you achieving and is there room for improvement?
  •  Is crop quality important?

 Questions on Fertiliser product choice:

  •  Where is the location of manufacture (country of origin)?
  •  What is the quality of manufacture (ISO etc)?
  •  What is the Carbon footprint (more and more suppliers are requesting this)?
  •  Is it tested and proven in UK conditions?
  •  Storage and shelf life (coated products may be limited)?
  •  Ingredients contained in any Inhibitors (Safety Data Sheet)?
  •  What impact does the fertiliser system have on your machinery costs?
  •  Does your fertiliser give you application timing flexibility?

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