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Nsure your profit today with CF N-Min

Nitrogen Management: N-Min®

CF N-Min® is the most comprehensive soil Nitrogen test available in the UK.

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A reliable, precise, proven and profit driven system, CF N-Min enables farmers to optimise Nitrogen utilisation by making the most of Additional Available Nitrogen.  With the aim of balancing Nitrogen inputs to achieve the maximum economic output.

Developed over 30 years in conjunction with leading research organisations and rigorously tested on farms the length and breadth of Britain, the unique and patented CF N-Min is unlike any other soil testing and Nitrogen assessment test.

The difference:

CF N-Min not only measures the amount of Nitrogen in the soil at that time but also what will become available to the crop between the spring and harvest- the Additional Available Nitrogen. Don't miss out on free Nitrogen!

CF N-Min equation

Your N-Min provider will then take the SNS result, feed it into the CF N-Calc tool to provide you with the most precise Nitrogen recommendation available to the agricultural industry.

With the largest soil N dataset in the UK and the our resources behind them, both N-Min and N-Calc are subject to ongoing investment, research and an exacting trials programme. This makes sure they remain as relevant and accurate as possible with rotations changing, new varieties becoming popular and farming practices developing.

FACT: only 50% of fields using RB209 to access SNS predict crop requirements within 50kg N/ha of the optimum.

CF N-Min in practice

Getting started with CF N-Min- Farmers

CF N-Min and N-Calc are carried out simply and effectively in conjunction with your CF Fertilisers’ distributor.

They will supply the N-Min kit and talk you through how it is used on-farm, collecting soil samples, returning these for analysis and delivering the results.

They will also work with you on using these alongside N-Calc to ascertain the optimum Nitrogen applications for your enterprise based on your crops, varieties, yield targets and quality aspirations.

CF N-Min is an essential tool for all arable growers looking to get the highest economic efficiency from their crops, but is particularly recommended in the following situations:

  • New fields

  • Fields with unknown history

  • Where organic manure has been applied

  • High organic matter is present in the soil

  • Diverse soil types

  • Fields that have grown crops that are known to leave behind large residues of Nitrogen.

Getting started with CF N-Min- Agronomists

To offer the CF N-Programme (N-Min and N-Calc) to your farmer customers, it's quick and straight forward.

  • Click the Login button in the top right corner of this web page.
  • Click the register button and enter your details.  Please note that only pre-registered businesses can sign up.  To find out if your business has pre-registered start to type your company name in the 'company name' field and it will automatically pre-populate.  If your company name does not appear please contact us on advice@cffertilisers.co.uk and this can be arranged.
  • Once you have registered you will receive an activation email which will confirm your access to the system and you can begin to log your intended samples.
  • Full how to guides are available here.
  • CF N-Min sampling can now be completed through Envirofield.  For full details on how to action this are available here.
  • For costing and invoicing queries please contact Hill Court Farm Research on info@hillcourtfarm.co.uk

Find out how to interpret your N-Min results here

CF N-Min results give you the most accurate soil N view available.

Find out where to access a CF N-Min test here

The CF N-Min test is available across the UK and is accessed through our distributor network.