Profit form Soil Nitrogen Sampling

Nitrogen Planning: EnCompass

Our EnCompass® produces recommendations and the paperwork needed to record good practice and regulatory compliance. 


It also adapts and refines fertiliser recommendations to take account of soil nitrogen supply, varietal improvements, local knowledge and field history. 

EnCompass enables you to use nutrients efficiently to optimise crop yield and quality by targeting inputs to plant requirements and crop potential, benefiting both economically and reducing the environmental and carbon footprint.

EnCompass, released in April 2010, is now more intuitive - making it quicker and easier to use. As specialist nutrient management software, it does require a good understanding of crop nutrition and is therefore provided through FACTS qualified advisers.  There's a lot more to it than just plugging in a few numbers and getting a standard recommendation. 

EnCompass is already used by CF Fertilisers Advisers and Distributors across the country.

Allison Grundy, CF Agronomist


Advisers new to the system may set up a few farms to try it out before progressing to a license for continued access.  It is only by using the software that you can begin to understand just how useful it is.

EnCompass summary:

  • Tailor-made recommendations
  • Regulatory compliance reports
  • On-farm practical reports
  • Software is intuitive, quick and easy to use
  • Adviser and farmer can view details & reports on-line
  • Covers England and Wales regulation.

Farmers and advisers interested in finding out more about the EnCompass program should email: advice@cffertilisers.co.uk, or call the CF Fertilisers Advice Line - +44 (0)151 357 5758