Profit from Soil Nitrogen Sampling

Nutrient Requirement: N-Calc

CF Fertilisers N-Calc uses the N-Min result to arrive at the most profitable recommendation for your crops.


With the farmer's yield & quality expectations it will calculate the optimum Nitrogen fertiliser rate for cereals and OSR.

Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) = Crop Nitrogen + Soil Mineral Nitrogen (SMN) + Additionally Available Nitrogen (AAN)

N-Calc has been developed from CF Fertilisers own and independent research work. Recently ADAS was commissioned to review, update and improve N-Calc by incorporating all the latest research. It is an ongoing process.

N-Calc recommendations will:

  • Ensure farmers' yield & quality aspirations are met.
  • Allow changes in economic circumstances to be accounted for.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of crop production.
  • Ensure that every £ spent on Nitrogen is well spent.


CF Fertilisers N-Min and N-Calc takes the guess work out of fertiliser calculations

Michael Taylor- Farmer 


 Standard SMN test compared to CF Fertilisers with N-Min & N-Calc service  
  Standard SMN Sampling   N-Min & N-Calc
Practical Sample down to 90cm X Sample to 60cm or maximum rooting depth if less  Yes
Amount of Nitrogen measured   Only soil N at sampling X  

Soil N at sampling plus Additionally Available N (AAN)

Mineraliseable N  None X  Field AAN measured in the laboratory Yes
Nitrogen recommendation  Table in Fertiliser Manual X  N-Calc tailored software validated & updated by ADAS Yes
Interpretation support  Minimal X  FACTS Qualified Advisor (FQA) Yes


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