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Arable Compound Fertiliser Calculator

Calculate how much of our arable spring NPKS range to order. 

CF Fertilisers Arable Compounds


Use our compound calculator below to assess how much of our product you need to apply for optimum nutrition.

Options include Spring Application of our NPKS range, proven to increase yield by ave of 0.65t/ha or use the traditional autumn application of P&K with NS applied in spring.

Start by entering your Nitrogen requirement and field size below.

Soil Type: High P Low K : KayNitro® Sulphur

Soil Type: Med P & Low K: Multicut® Sulphur

Soil Type: Med P & Med K: Heartland® Sulphur

Spring Applied N:S

Calculate how much NS to apply in the spring, this can accompany the autumn application of P&K products

Autumn Applied P & K Product


New Trials Based Evidence

Historic trials conducted by NIAB/TAG (then Morley Research Centre), concluded that applying NPKS compound fertiliser in the spring, increased yield on average by 0.3t/ha in winter wheat and barley.

This work has been repeated at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester and the new data has shown the benefits can be a 0.65t/ha yield increase, worth around £75/ha, based on Sept 2016 cereals prices.  See below for further information on this latest R&D.

Even if you include the cost of fertiliser, the financial advantage to using spring applied Heartland Sulphur is still an average of £65/ha.

See all full information here.