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Making CF N-Min sampling easy

Envirofield Soil Sampling

Motorised Soil Sampling available this N-Min season; book up until 18th Jan…

Envirofield is one of the UK’s leading soil-sampling companies and offers a UK wide service, taking the effort out of CF N-Min sampling.

Samples are taken using the Envirocorer Spiker 1000, a robust machine designed and developed by Envirofield to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal impact on the soil profile.

Benefits to using Envirofield

  • Easy to arrange
  • No Courier hassle
  • Excellent quality of sample
    • Sampling to the correct depth
    • Taking the optimum number cores
  • Time efficient process
  • No health & safety issues for your company.
  • Invoicing made directly through Hill Court Farm Research.

To ensure that Envirofield are able to commit to completing the sample for you, please submit the fields you wish to have sampled by the 18th Jan.

How to submit samples

  1. Log your CF N-Min order in the usual way.  Click here if you are unsure how to do this.
  2. For those sample’s you would like Envirofield to take, click the box next to ‘Envirofield to Sample’.  If you wish to take the sample yourself, please leave this box blank.
    1. By placing a tick in this box it will mark in the Order Form/ Field Data Sheet that you wish Envirofield to sample this field.
  3. Complete the all the samples needed and press ‘Print and Submit’.  By pressing ‘Print and Submit’ you are sending your CF N-Min order through to HCFR.  An Order Form pdf, also known as a Field Data Sheet, will automatically open, this should then be downloaded/ saved to your computer
  4. Email the pdf Order Form/ Field Data Sheet to
  5. Attach to the same email, farmer contact details and field location maps (alternatively use the “whatthreewords” app to determine field locations digitally).

Envirofield can be contacted on:

  • Office: 01359 272640
  • Iain: 07775 558920
  • Will: 07780 662440