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AfterCut Range

Be Confident and Profitable with your AfterCut Fertiliser Choice

The CF AfterCut range is specially formulated to support maximum forage growth and quality.


1)      Impact of Nitrogen type on Yield

Three years of independent, replicated trials confirmed AN fertiliser, like Nitram, out-yielded urea.

This was a 15% increase in silage which on a 200 cow system would means buying 73 tonnes less concentrate feed.

See the trial evidence here.

2)      Potential of Sulphur for Yield and Quality

For most soil types, Sulphur is an essential element for AfterCut.

Only very heavy clay loams or peaty soils do not require Sulphur. For these, the best choices are Nitram or Cut & Graze.  

Latest trials revealed:

  •          Sulphur, in the form of SingleTop, improved silage yields by 29%.
  •          Restoring optimum Sulphur levels increased proteins by 5-7%.   

See the trial evidence here.

3)      The Role of Compounds, The Risk of Blends

Trials over many years consistently prove that more nutrient landing sites significantly lift AfterCut yields and protein quality.

CF Compound fertilisers on mid and later cut swards can deliver 15% yield increase over a blended fertiliser of the same formulation.

See the real yield cost of blends here.

4)       The Impact of delaying AfterCut fertiliser applications.

Delaying the application of 2nd cut fertiliser will cost around 370 kg/ha of fresh grass per day.  This is 1 tonne DM/ha lost from a 14 day delay.  That's the equivalent of:

  • 1,490 litres milk
  • 170kg live weight gain
  • 0.7 tonnes of concentrate.

5)      Selecting the best AfterCut product for my grassland situation


The CF AfterCut Range