Blue Bags Grow Better Crops


CF Compound Fertilisers are able to enhance a wide range of nutritional imbalance, with solutions to lift or maintain P and K index. 


Our NPKS are specifically designed for British soil types and climate to deliver a vital source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Sulphur needed for maximum yield potential.  Our unique compounds offer an advantage over the blended alternative with all four nutrients landing in an even spread where required.

CF Fertilisers’s extensive range of trusted Compound (NPKS) fertilisers are manufactured to tight specifications to ensure a consistent high quality product is delivered to your soil; where every granule can be traced to its source..

See how spring applied compounds can help your cereal crop.

Recent research shows that even at soil index 2/3 maintenance Phosphate applications increase grass yield.

Use our fertiliser selector to find out which fertiliser will best suit your crop and soil needs and access a blueprint for growth.

NK Sulphur

27.0.6 (6SO3) Ideal as a silage aftercut fertiliser and for arable cro…

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KayNitro® Sulphur

25-0-13 (7SO3) Ideal for mid and late season application to grass sila…

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CropMaster® Sulphur

27-4-4 (7SO3) Product ideal for grazed grass providing low levels of P…

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Multicut® Sulphur

23-4-13 (7SO3) Use as an all-season high Nitrogen/high Potash product…

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Heartland® Sulphur

24.8.8 (8SO3) Provides high performing in-season NPKS for combinable c…

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25.5.5 A traditional product for grazed grass to maintain soil P and K…

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Twenty Ten Ten

20.10.10 A traditional True Granular Compound fertiliser for use in ex…

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PremierCrop Sulphur

20.8.12 (7SO3) Ideal for use on grass and maize silage, and spring-sow…

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