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Heartland® Sulphur

Heartland® Sulphur is a True Granular Compound fertiliser offering flexible NPKS applications for cereals, oilseed rape and grass silage which requires P,K and S. 

Sulphur facts

  • Sulphur is very mobile in the soil and can leach through the soil profile.  Where large amounts are required it is advisable to split the recommended requirement in two applications.
  • Foliar applied Sulphur is a less efficient approach to correcting Sulphur deficiency.  This is because only 2% of the Sulphur is being intercepted and absorbed through the leaf and often these products don’t contain enough Sulphur.
  • The average UK deposition of Sulphur is now negligible compared with the 25kg S/ha/year of 20 years ago.  In fact Sulphur deposition is no longer measured, due to such low levels occurring.
  • Organic manures contain Sulphur, but in variable quantity and availability.  Like elemental Sulphur, most of the Sulphur in organic manures cannot directly be taken up by crops for growth.


Arable – Apply to the Nitrogen levels and number of applications required in cereals and oilseed rape. Ensures adequate levels of Phosphate and Potash are applied to replace crop off-takes at soil P and K indices of 2, with the nutrients applied in the Spring when crops need them.  In-season application of P and K reduces the pressures of the autumn workload. 

Grassland- For spring application on first cut silage apply 300-500kg/ha, splitting the dressing evenly with four weeks between applications. In conjunction with slurry, Heartland Sulphur is particularly useful for high input, high output silage systems that remove a lot of P and K in the crop. Sulphur increases in DM yield of 25% can be achieved on light and medium soils, alongside increases of 4% in protein and 5% in sugar contents to improve grass quality and palatability.


Ammonium Nitrate is the most efficient and predictable form of Nitrogen for UK growers.

Ammonium Sulphate offers a readily available source of Sulphur to the growing crop.

Water soluble Phosphate provides rapid uptake to support root development and plant growth.

A True Granular Compound ensures even and accurate spread of all nutrients across the crop.




Phosphate and Potash applied during the growing season

Reduces autumn workload and potentially fertiliser application costs.  Nutrients are provided in-season when the crop uses them most efficiently giving better yields and crop quality.

One product solution for soils at target P and K index 2

One product applied throughout the season simplifies operations and decreases workload at peak times.

High nutrient concentrations

Less product is needed, potentially reducing application costs.

Contains Ammonium Sulphate

A readily available form of Sulphur for rapid uptake - elemental Sulphur cannot be taken up directly by crops because plants only take up Sulphur in the Sulphate form.

Contains Ammonium Nitrate

AN is the most efficient Nitrogen source and the ‘Best Option for the Environment and Farming’ according to Government research.

Contains water soluble Phosphate

Crop roots will only take up Phosphorus from soil solution so providing Phosphate in a form that is over 96% water soluble ensures rapid and efficient uptake, supporting root development and plant growth.

A True Granular Compound

Even application of all nutrients across the whole spreader bout width, which optimises nutrient use efficiency and crop response.

Manufactured at sites which are accredited to ISO 9001

Reliable product with consistent high quality, year-in, year-out.


More Yield.  Less CO2

At CF Fertilisers we are committed to improving carbon efficiency in our production processes.  All of our products have a carbon footprint, certified by the Carbon Trust in June 2012 and reviewed annually.

CF Fertilisers has promised to reduce the footprint Nitrogen production, demonstrating an on-going commitment to carbon reduction.

The footprints for fertiliser products are given as kg CO2e per kg Nitrogen (N). Most fertiliser usage is considered on the basis of N requirement, so this allows the simplest comparison between our products for a given crop requirement.

The Carbon Footprint for Heartland Sulphur is 4.5 kg CO2e per kg Nitrogen. Carbon Trust Logo



CF Fertilisers products spread to 32m bout widths.  Widths of 36m are achievable with certain spreaders and products in suitable conditions, however, please seek advice.  It is important to maintain fertiliser spreaders, whatever bout width you work at.

For optimum results, CF Fertilisers recommends that you follow the industry standard and set up your spreader for both application rate and spread pattern for each different fertiliser that you use. Product Safety Data Sheets are available here.



Product application rate Nutrient application rate
kg/ha N kg/ha P2O5 kg/ha K2O kg/ha SOkg/ha
210 50 17 17 17
315 76 25 25 25
420 101 34 34 34
625 150 50 50 50
840 202 67 67 67


  • For cereals, the optimum Sulphur application rate is 50 kg SO3/ha.
  • For oilseed rape, the optimum Sulphur rate is 112 kg SO3/ha.  If using Heartland Sulphur then an early application of DoubleTop can be used to supply enough Sulphur for oilseed rape.
  • To convert from kg product/ha to bags/acre, multiply by 0.4, then divide by 50 (e.g. 250kg product/ha X 0.4 = 100 / 50 = 2 bags/acre)
  • To convert from kg nutrient/ha to units/acre, multiply by 0.8 (e.g. 200kg N/ha X 0.8 = 160 units N/acre)

Please contact our Crop Nutrition Team on +44(0)151 357 5758 or email advice@cffertilisers.co.uk for further information.


Reassuringly BritishCF are the UK’s leading fertiliser manufacturer and the only UK producer of prilled Nitrogen and True Granular Compounds, with a range of NS, NKS, NP, NPK and NPKS fertilisers to meet UK farming conditions.

We manufacture our products to ISO 9001:2000 standards.  That means you can rely on CF Fertilisers to deliver the highest quality fertilisers consistently, every year, giving you optimum product performance and peace of mind.


Heartland Sulphur fertilizer





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