Blue Bags Grow Better Crops


Nitrogen is the single most important nutrient for growth.


Most agricultural soils contain too little naturally occurring, plant-available Nitrogen to meet your crops needs, throughout the growing period and with Nitrogen being the key to yield, careful consideration should be given to the type of Nitrogen applied.

Independent studies by Defra have proven that AN fertiliser is the best choice for the UK's maritime climate.  Our Nitram® product has been consistently delivering quality yields, proteins and reliable spreading widths for the last 50 years.  Evolving to meet farmers exact needs throughout the decades, this well respected product can be found on many farms throughout the UK.

Did you know that the effectiveness of urea is severely impacted on by the weather- why take the risk?

Applying the correct amount of Nitrogen at the optimal time is therefore an essential feature of successful crop management. Let CF Fertilisers help with our N-Min® and N-Calc services; year on year our knowledgeable team have helped our farmers achieve their target yields and protein levels.

Contact us for fertiliser advice, our expert team of FACTS qualified advisers are on hand to provide you with the latest advice in fertiliser management and nutrient plans.

Use our fertiliser selector to find out which fertiliser will best suit your crop and soil needs and access a blueprint for growth.


Nitram is a highly reliable and consistent straight Nitrogen fertilise…

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