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CF is the largest manufacturer of Ammonia in the UK.


Ammonia is a compound containing the molecules Nitrogen and Hydrogen, its chemical formula is NH3. It is used as a source of Nitrogen in fertilisers and in chemical manufacture.

It is a colourless gas at ambient temperature and pressure, with a very strong odour and is highly alkaline.  Its high latent heat of vaporisation it makes it an effective refrigerant.

CF manufactures liquefied anhydrous Ammonia and supplies it in both premium and standard grades.  In addition, a solution of Ammonia gas in demineralised water (Ammonia solution) is offered at strengths of 33.5% or 24.5%

Most of CF Ammonia is used to manufacture Ammonium Nitrate based fertilisers.  However it is also used extensively in the chemical industry to produce other raw materials (intermediates).  Some typical uses are in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dyes, plastics and man-made fibres.  It can also be used for heat treatment of metals and is gaining popularity as a refrigerant.

Following the introduction of new environmental legislation, it is now being used to treat NOx emissions (Oxides of Nitrogen) from power stations, waste incinerators, cement manufacture and other processes.  It is used as a dosing agent to convert the oxides to harmless nitrogen and water.

CF manufactures and supplies Ammonia using systems and processes accredited to the following standards:- ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  Making it a consistent and reliable supplier of high quality product. 

It is also a member of the Chemical Industry Association and subscribes to its Responsible Care Scheme.

For advice or information regarding purchases please contact our Chemicals and Utilities Team.