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Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is a compound containing the molecules Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen, its chemical formula is HNO3.  It is used in fertiliser and chemical manufacture.


CF produces in excess of 1 million tonnes of Nitric Acid per annum and is the UK's largest manufacturer.

Nitric acid is a pale straw to colourless liquid with a strong odour which is slightly viscous and corrosive. It is a powerful oxidising agent at higher concentrations.


CF supplies Nitric Acid in the following strengths:-

  • Intermediate Strength Nitric Acid 60% 
  • Intermediate Strength Nitric Acid 69%

Most CF Nitric Acid is combined with Ammonia to manufacture Ammonium Nitrate based fertilisers.  It is also used in the chemical industry for the nitration of organic chemicals or inorganic metals. Typical uses are in the manufacture dyestuffs, explosives, fungicides, catalysts, polymers and man made fibres. It is also used in water treatment, food processing and in the recovery of spent nuclear fuel. Its corrosive properties also enable its use in metal pickling, metal cleaning and plating applications as it will react with most metals. Combined with Hydrochloric acid it produces a reagent which is one of the few that can dissolve platinum and gold. 

CF manufactures and supplies Nitric Acid using systems and processes accredited to the following standards:- ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  Making it a consistent and reliable supplier of high quality product. 

It is also a member of the Chemical Industry Association and subscribes to its Responsible Care Scheme.

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