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The Billingham complex:

 Billingham site has a highly integrated infrastructure and with current processes CF can supply the whole Billingham site with a range of utilities and services.

Natural Gas
Pipeline supply at 45 to 65 bar; with internal site pipeline distribution at pressures 5-7 bar.

A reliable secure power supply incoming via connection points at 132kV with step down capability from 66kV and 11kV to 3.3kV and 415V. The current capacity of the site is much greater that the current level of consumption, thus allowing new users to be connected.

The water supply to the site is based on secure sources supported by the largest man-made lake in Europe (Kielder Reservoir). Three specifications of water can be supplied via extensive pipeline networks with large capability to serve all the needs of modern processes:-

  • Potable water (drinking water)
  • Raw Water (used mainly for process cooling)
  • Demineralised Water (manufactured on site by CF Fertilisers, capacity up to 600m3 per hour).

Steam is generated on site by a number of different processes. It can be supplied at a number of pressure levels up to 275 psig (19 bar). The site supply is backed up by three onsite Dalkia boilers.

Effluent Management
A comprehensive process effluent management to consented outfall.

Site Security 
Access to the Billingham site is controlled by card management system and reception centre for visitors. The site also has its own fire station and crew.

For advice or information regarding purchases please contact our Chemicals and Utilities Team.