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Food, Farming and Fertiliser

CF Fertilisers have produced the Food, Farming & Fertiliser booklet which examines the role of fertiliser in the context of the critical global issues of food security, climate change and environmental protection. 

Providing answers to questions such as:

  • What are fertilisers?
  • What would happen if we didn't use fertiliser?
  • What is the environmental impact of their use?
  • How do UK farmers help?
  • What industry initiatives exist?

See how CF Fertilisers help British farmers to use their fertiliser more efficiently.

Amazing Fertiliser Facts

Working together, CF Fertilisers & LEAF have produced an information sheet and supporting handout to help farmers to tell the fertiliser story on their farm.  Used efficiently, fertilisers improve soil nutrient status and help us feed a growing population.  For example - without fertiliser the world would only be able to feed about half its people!  This and other fertiliser facts can be found in the information sheet and handout. 

To request limited hard copies of the Eight Amazing Fertiliser Facts Handout please email us HERE and provide your Name, Address and Quantity (max 100 copies per request).  For larger quantities, please email your enquiry providing a contact number and approx amount required. NFU Education Packs

CF Fertilisers are also one of the proud sponsors, supporting NFU's Why Farming Matters teaching packs.

After the initial success of the original run of packs to schools the NFU again in conjunction with FACE (Farming and Countryside Education) have reproduced them to meet demand.

 The packs cover both primary and secondary education and includes booklets with activities for children covering a wide range of farming topics.  They also include picture cards and a DVD of farmer's being interviewed about their lives and work.

With food security becoming an increasingly important global issue it is vitally important that school children understand where the food they eat comes from and the role farming plays in their everyday lives.  These packs help explain agriculture in a way that is positive, balanced and easy to understand and make it relevant to today's curriculum- Peter Kendell