Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Ben Atkinson

Farmer: Ben Atkinson, J.E Atkinson & Sons, Rippingale, Bourne

Crops Grown: Winter Wheat

N-Min: Used for 6 years

Yield Gain: Maintained yields at 11.0t/ha

Margin Gain: £80/ha

Soil TypeSilty Loam, Sandy Clay Loam, Silty Clay Loam, Clay Loam, Silty Clay

Fertiliser UsedNitram® 

Fertiliser Saving: 120kg/ha


N-Min® and Winter Wheat- Maximising Wheat Yields

Ben Atkinson CF Fertilisers N-Min user"I have real faith in CF N-Min.  Not only has it helped us achieve the highest wheat yields over the last five years, in many cases we have done this by reducing our Nitrogen inputs.  In one case, by trusting the recommendations not only were we able to achieve a wheat yield of 11.0t/ha, we did so with an £80/ha saving in Nitrogen spend over our existing farm practice."

Ben Atkinson

Following CF Fertilisers N-Min recommendations meant a 120kg N/ha saving in Nitrogen, worth £80/ha in Nitrogen costs.

Ben Atkinson farms in Bourne, Lincolnshire and has used CF Fertilisers N-Min and N-Calc service to secure and achieve yields across his crops.  Over the past 6 years Ben has used the N-Min service and samples 8-20 fields per year to understand the range of soil N supplied across his acreage.  

Whilst most of the N-Min tests on the farm show an SNS of 30-40kh N/ha, this is not always the case with one recent example testing as high as 144kg N/ha.

Ben's results show an example of how N-Min and N-Calc can increase yields at no extra cost.  Using CF N-Calc to establish an optimum Nitrogen application based on this gave a result of 100kg N/ha needed to achieve the targeted yield as opposed to the 220kg N/ha standard farm practice for his wheat.

Ben Atkinson N-Min results

By following the results from CF N-Min and then using N-Calc, not only was he able to produce an 11.0t/ha crop, he was able to do this with a 120kg N/ha saving over his standard farm practice worth around £80/ha.

Harvest Results- Winter Wheat

Yield: 11t/ha


I have used the N-min system for the past 5 years and trust the recommendations.  Most of my fields averaged 30-40kg N/ha but on one particular field it was very high at 120kg N/ha but trusting the recommendations gained me a crop yield of 11t/ha with a saving of £80/ha

 Ben Atkinson