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Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Charlie Steer

FarmerCharlie Steer, Grosvenor Farms Ltd, Cheshire

Crops Grown: Barley

Variety: Glacier

N-Min: Second year of trials

Yield GainMaintained yields at 10t/ha

Margin Gain: £33/ha

Fertiliser Used: Nitram

Fertiliser Saving: 32kg/ha

CF N-Min and Barley - Making the most of new rotations

N-Min is playing a growing role in successful Nitrogen management at the large-scale mixed farming enterprise run by Grosvenor Farms near Chester. Used increasingly across the 1,470ha of combinable crops, N-Min has a valuable role to play in quantifying the effects of the high level of organic manure used from the farm’s 1,600 cow dairy herd.

Trials with N-Min in barley last year showed the same level of output – around 10t/ha – could be achieved by using 35kg N/ha less than standard farm practice worth £23/ha or £5,750 in total across the business’s 250ha of crop. Based on an SNS from N-Min, N-Calc gave an additional N requirement of just 160kg/ha compared to the standard farm practice of 192kg/ha.

“Knowing exactly what Nitrogen we have in the soil is absolutely critical to keeping our costs of production as low as possible. We test all our muck and slurry before it is applied but N-Min gives us a level of precision we haven’t had before. It’s an increasingly important part of our arable strategy.

Charlie Steer