Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Chris Richardson

Farmer: Chris Richardson, Grove Farm, Sleaford, South Lincolnshire

Crops Grown: Milling Wheat

Variety: Skyfall

N-Min: Third year of trials

Yield Gain: 0.4t/ha

Margin Gain: £73/ha

Soil Type: Sandy Loam, Sandy Clay Loam

Fertiliser Used: Nitram® and DoubleTop®

Fertiliser Saving: 35kg/ha

Other: Achieved 13% protein


CF N-Min and Milling Wheat- Perfecting Premium Quality

When it comes to getting the best performance from milling wheat, we all know that yield isn't everything.  Consistent achievement of grain quality and protein content is an essential goal- and one that is extremely dependent on accurate Nitrogen management.


Being able to benefit from the high yield potential of modern milling varieties whilst achieving the promised protein levels takes careful Nitrogen management.

At Chris Richardson’s Grove Farm at Swaton in Lincolnshire, N-Min is showing the way to achieving yields approaching 12t/ha at the all important 13.0% protein.

In trials carried out, using Skyfall, the plots with the farm’s standard practice of applying 250kg N/ha delivered a yield 11.19t/ha whilst those with the CF N-Min advised application rate of 215kg/ha from DoubleTop® and Nitram applications– produced a yield of 11.57t/ha.

The combined effect of the 16% saving on applied Nitrogen– £140/ha as opposed to £163/ha – and the additional yield produced add up to an increase in profit of £73.

Despite the lower application rate, the N-Min crop produced 13.0% protein, proving that the approach delivers cost savings, higher yields and optimum quality.