Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Drew Smith

Farmer: Drew Smith (A W Smith & Sons), Louth, Lincolnshire

Crops Grown: Winter Malting Barley, OSR, Wheat

N-Min: has been used for two years

Soil Type: Silty Clay Loam

Fertiliser Used: SingleTop® applied in two applications


N-Min on Malting Barley (S Y Venture)- Higher yield of 8.1t/ha achieved whilst maintaining grain N at 1.6%

Historically, Drew Smith always applied 130kg N/ha to his winter malting barley achieving 1.6% grain N and yields of 7-7.5t/ha. Dave Towse, CF Fertilisers Farm Adviser, convinced Drew two years ago to follow the CF Fertilisers Blueprint and to use the N-Min service followed by N-Calc to achieve a higher yield, whilst maintaining grain N at 1.6%.

In 2014, the N-Min test result showed that 63kg N/ha of Nitrogen was in the soil and available for the crop during the growing season. N-Calc used this figure to give a Nitrogen recommendation of162kg N/ha at a target yield of 8t/ha coupled with a timing plan. More N was applied earlier in the season to help deliver the target yield and maintain a low grain N %.

SingleTop was chosen for this application satisfying the crops for Sulphur, applying it little and often throughout spring. 8.1t/ha yield (higher than historically achieved) was produced coupled with grain N at 1.6% earning an additional £30/ha premium.

Harvest Result – Spring Malting Barley

Yield: 8.1t/ha

Grain N: 1.6%

I have used the N-Min service from CF Fertilisers across five fields growing OSR, wheat and barley for two years and have managed to increase profitability on my farm. Dave Towse from CF Fertilisers has changed my fertiliser rate and timing plan and I have been impressed with the results.

Drew Smith