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Profit from CF N-Min sampling

James Stafford

FarmerJames Stafford, Pickwick Lodge Farm, Corsham, Wiltshire

Crops Grown: Barley

Variety: Cassia

N-Min: First year of trials

Yield Gain: 0.95t/ha

Margin Gain: £122/ha

Soil Type: Cotswolds Brash, Silty Clay Loam

Fertiliser UsedHeartland Sulphur

Fertiliser Saving: None

CF N-Min and Barley - Making the most of new rotations

N-Min has helped Wiltshire barley grower James Stafford improve his fertiliser practice and increase the efficiency of his Nitrogen utilisation by over 10%.

In trials last year, standard farm practice of 225kg N/ha for his KWS Cassia barley delivered a yield of 8.85t/ha whilst the N-Min approach was improved by using it in combination with Heartland Sulphur pushing yields to 9.8t/ha without increasing Nitrogen input.

The effect of this was to increase margins from £841/ha for the farm practice crop to £962/ha for the N-Min approach – worth an extra £122/ha all told. With the baseline Nitrogen requirement established by N-Min for both treatments, the performance improvement from the CF N-Min treatment came from additional elements of P, K and S in Heartland Sulphur driving better Nitrogen utilisation. The trials point the way to a rethink of his fertilising system which is delivering a significant increase in yield.

"In my opinion, N-Min testing is critical, because unless you measure Nitrogen you cannot manage it, and so we have our soils sampled every year in February. Using N-Min as part of the Heartland system has given us healthier plants, higher yields and an additional financial margin of over £120/ha.”

James Stafford