Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Murray Brown

Ten year study...

Farmer: Murray Brown, Aylesbury and Brackley

Crops Grown: Milling Wheat

Variety: Hereward, Solstice, Gallant and Crusoe

Soil Type: Heavy Clay

Yield Gain: Yields up to 11.2/ha

Fertiliser Used: Nitram® and DoubleTop®

Fertiliser Saving: Up to 50kg/ha


CF N-Min offers long term, sustainable performance improvement.

Murray Brown"The consistency of results we have achieved with N-Min over the last nine years has been nothing short of incredible.  We've hit milling specs every year, pushed yields above 11t/ha in some and, on average, achieved this through using less fertiliser than standard industry recommendations.  Getting more out of putting less in makes complete financial and environmental sense."

Murray Brown

By knowing the Nitrogen content of his soils, Murray Brown has optimised the amount of Nitram applied to his crops over seven years. This precisely tailored Nitrogen management has paid off:

  • On average, 0.55 less Nitrogen has been applied compared to the Fertiliser Manual
  • N-Min recommended rates achieved average wheat yields 9% above the Eastern region Defra recorded performance over the period
  • Target protein levels for milling specifications have been achieved every year – nationally, almost 50% of samples for these varieties in the year grown failed to achieve 13% protein. (HGCA wheat quality survey)
Year Fertiliser kg N/ha recommended using N-Min & N-Calc Standard industry recommendation kg N/ha Yield t/ha Protein % Variety Milling achieved N Difference vs. standard industry kg N/ha
2007 196 230 10.5 13 Hereward Yes -34
2008 223 230 8 13 Hereward Yes -7
2009 181 230 7.4 14 Hereward Yes -49
2010 237 230 8.8 13 Hereward Yes 7
2011 246 230 9.2 13 Solstice Yes 16
2012 228 230 6 14.5 Solstice Yes -2
2013 Not Grown  N/A N/A  N/A   N/A N/A 
2014 276 260 11.2 12.75 Gallant Yes 16
2015 294 280 10.5 13.5 Gallant Yes 14
2016 250 280 7.5 13.0 Crusoe Yes 30

Mean Result

237 244 8.8 13.3 N/A Yes -7.6


"Nutrient Use Efficiency" is what every farmer is seeking – get more out, for the same or less input and in this seven year case study that is just what has been achieved using the N-Min service.

Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS) has varied from 70 -150kg N/ha even though the wheat always followed oilseed rape. The Nitram application could then be confidently adjusted to match soil supply and still produce above average performance in yield and protein level.

In 2015, according to the HGCA survey, milling wheat average proteins reached 11.9%, unlike Mr Brown who followed the N-Min blueprint and achieved 13.5% averaging 13.3% over nine years.

For information/reference: Wheat yields from DEFRA Farming Statistics, Regional wheat yields.