Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Richard Anthony

Farmer: Richard Anthony, Cae Pentre, Tythegston, Mid Glamorgan

Crops Grown: Milling Wheat, Oilseed Rape, Maize

N-Min: has been used for seven years

Soil Type: Ranges from pure sand to heavy clay so it’s very important for Richard to look at each individual block of land and work out precisely what Nitrogen is required

Fertiliser Used: Nitram®, DoubleTop®


Get more for less with N-Min on Milling Wheat – High yield of 12t/ha consistently achieving a protein content of 13%.

To manage high yields with top milling specification targets, Richard Anthony uses the N-Min service from CF Fertilisers to ensure Nitrogen is managed well. This Blueprint has been used for the last eight years and his milling wheats have consistently hit top specification.

N-Min tests are carried out early – mid February – to assess Nitrogen levels in the soil and the Additional Available Nitrogen (AAN) that will become available to the crop in the growing season.

N-Calc is used to produce a fertiliser rate and timing plan and takes into account the variety, previous cropping and target yield and quality.

Typically for Richard’s milling wheat, Ross Leadbeater from CF Fertilisers recommends the total Nitrogen required is split into four applications – the first one in March and then at growth stages 30/31, 32/33 and 35/37. The early applications tend to be 50kg N/ha with later applications reaching 100kg N/ha using both Nitram and DoubleTop.

Standard Fertiliser Manual recommendations would have been 280kg N/ha. Following N-Min testing, Nitrogen recommendations ranged from 256kg N/ha to 270kg N/ha.



Harvest Result – Winter Wheat

Year Fertiliser kg N/ha recommended using N-Min/ N-Calc Standard Industry Recommended kg N/ha Yield t/ha Protein %
2014 252-298 280 12 14
2015 256-270 280 12 13


For me it’s very much about putting the soil first and this is why the CF Fertilisers N-Min approach makes so much sense.  It adds a level of accuracy and control that we wouldn’t achieve any other way.

Richard Anthony