Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Rob Daniel

Farmer: Rob Daniel

Crops Grown: Milling Wheat

Variety: Trinity

Yield Gain: 0.15 t/ha

Protein: 13.3%

MOFC: extra £160/ha

Fertiliser Used: Nitram® and DoubleTop®

CF N-Min & accurate fertiliser regime avoids the protein dilution effect

Standard fertiliser practice has been to base applications on past experience, knowledge of the soil type and RB209, with around 300kg N/ha put onto the milling wheat in five applications including a late 40kg N/ha from a foliar spray.

Using the CF N-Min soil testing revealed an SNS at 68.5kg N/ha. From this two higher Nitrogen rates of 302kg N/ha and 342kg were applied in addition to the standard farm practice of 289kg N/ha.

The standard farm practice delivered a yield 12.36t/ha at 11.6% protein whilst at the treatment rate of 342kg N/ha the yield and protein increased to 12.57t/ha and14.1%. Whilst this produced an increase in gross margin of £142/ha over standard farm practice, in actual fact the lower treatment rate of 302kg N/ha produced a better overall margin of £160/ha. Yield remained very similar at 12.51t/ha and achieved the target protein requirement of 13.3%.

Rob Daniel explains “There’s no point adding extra Nitrogen to get proteins beyond the maximum premium level so the lower rate was actually more cost-effective in this case and this is where N-Min’s ability to identify the point of highest economic return is most beneficial.”