Profit from CF N-Min sampling

Tom Gilman

Farmer: Tom Gilman, Rutland

Crops Grown: Grass, Wheat, Winter Barley, OSR, Sugar Beet

N-Min: has been used for 3 years

Soil Type: Limestone Brash, Sandy Loam, Red Ironstone,Ironstone Loam over shale

Fertiliser Used: Nitram®


N-Min on Winter Wheat – 45% less fertiliser used compared to standard farm practice following N-Min testing – both areas yielded same amount of 10.25t/ha

On winter wheat, only 120kg N/ha applied following N-Min recommendations versus farm practice of 220kg N/ha. Both areas yielded 10.25t/ha. Across the 30 hectares that were treated according to CF Fertilisers’s recommendations, Tom Gilman saved six tonnes of Nitram. This underlined the importance of knowing how much Nitrogen is in the soil to start with and being able to confidently tailor the rate of applied Nitrogen accordingly, without affecting yield or quality.

Harvest Result – Winter Wheat

Yield (2014): 10.25t/ha

I am of the opinion that if the crop needs Nitrogen, then it gets it, even at today’s prices. In some senses it might appear difficult to quantify the benefits of N-Min, but it just has to be the right thing to do. It is not just about saving money, it’s more about optimising applications to avoid the unnecessary use of Nitrogen, minimising the environmental impact and having the paperwork to back up what we do. It gives me confidence that what I am doing is correct.

Tom Gilman