Global Fertilisers Day- Celebrating Human Survival!

Who knew that taking the Nitrogen from the air around us and converting it into fertiliser to apply to crops would increase their yield and in turn double our food supply?

Well Mr Fritz Haber and Mr Carl Bosch did, two German scientists who in 1910 were successful in making this challenge into a reality and were subsequently awarded Nobel prizes.

This ‘simple’ chemical process has allowed us to feed our growing population which has risen from 1.6 billion in 1900 to todays 7 billion. What wasn’t so simple was the actual industrial process required to fix the Nitrogen from the air. 

Harnessing Atmospheric Nitrogen (N2) was the real challenge as it is very stable and doesn’t react readily with other chemicals.  But with the drive for more food becoming ever more pressing, the invention of the Haber- Bosch process allowed fertiliser to be produced on an industrial scale changing the future of food production forever. This is why we celebrate on Global Fertiliser Day on 13th October, ahead of World Food Day!

At CF Fertilisers, the UKs only fertiliser manufacturer, we are proud of the part we play, in supporting British farmers to feed the crops that feed the nation.  Therefore on the 13th of October CF will be supporting Global Fertiliser Day by helping us all learn a little more about CF sustainable Nitrogen, how we have lower the carbon footprint of Nitram by 40% and the important role we play in putting the food on our plates.

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