Blue bags grow better crops


Devon competition winner Eric Gillbard receiving his winning blue bag prize.


Devon farmer Eric Gillbard and his son Thomas have just taken delivery of a lorry load of British-made CF compound fertiliser which he won in a competition organised by CF Fertilisers and South West Farmer magazine. Hefin Llwyd, CF Regional Business Manager was present to congratulate Mr Gillbard on his win!


Say Eric “This is the first time that I have ever won anything in my life, and it took a while to sink in,” who admits that the news came as a nice surprise and was very well timed.


“When I listened to the message on my answerphone, I just didn’t believe it. I remembered entering the spot-the-blue-bags competition in South West Farmer while having breakfast one morning. Then they called again and told me that, yes, I really had won 10 tonnes of CF MultiCut Sulphur.”


Julie Edwards, head of communications for Eric’s local CF Fertiliser distributor Mole Valley Farmers, says the organisation is delighted one of their customers has won “Fertiliser is a valuable input, especially at this time of year, so it couldn't be better timed or Eric's business.”


Eric, with the help of his son Thomas, farms 500 acres with 400 acres into grass which supports a herd of 60 continental cross suckler cows, together with a flock of 1200 breeding sheep. He also grows 100 acres of winter and spring barley.


CF MultiCut Sulphur 23-4-13 (7SO3) is a complete all in one true granular compound for use as an all-season high-Nitrogen/high-Potash product, ideal for multiple cuts of grass silage with low Phosphate content to help maintain the soil P and K status. Added Sulphur also enhances crop yield and quality so is perfect match for Eric farming system.


“Winning the CF MultiCut Sulphur was ideal because I was just about to order some fertiliser for grassland that had just been cut for silage,” Eric explains. “I was so pleased when they told me, that I ordered an additional 18 tonnes of CF Heartland Sulphur to make up the lorry load!”