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Blue Bags Grow Better Crops


Livestock producers must invest wisely in aftercut nutrition to balance disappointing sugar and protein levels in first cut silage this year.


The mild winter followed by a dry spring meant those that cut early have fared better, but sugar and crude protein levels are low across the UK.

“Nutrition strategy for second cut must now focus on a ‘precision’ fertiliser approach to lift yields and quality,” says independent grassland specialist Dr George Fisher

“True granular compounds, where every granule contains balanced quantities of N, P and K are much more efficient than blends, for example.

“Work at North Wyke in Devon has shown a 10% lift in grass production in second and third cut silages when using these compared to a blend of the same formulation.

“This has been replicated in on-farm trials with 15% lifts and more, consistently achieved with compounds over blends.”

The Sulphur contained in a true granular compound is essential for yield and quality, says CF Fertiliser grassland specialist Hefin Llwyd.

“With CF Sulphur compounds such as Heartland Sulphur (24-8-8 +8SO3), KayNitro Sulphur (25-0-13 +7SO3) or Multicut Sulphur (23-4-13 +7SO3), the Sulphur is locked into each granule so distribution is even.

“Research has shown such compounds can easily add 2% to crude protein levels and help make up for the shortfall seen in recent years.”