Our Farmers Guardian Competition Winner


Cumbrian farmer Thomas Moscrop from Irthington near Carlisle was delighted to hear that he had won 10 tonnes of British-made Nitram (34.5%N) fertiliser in a recent competition organised by CF Fertilisers and Farmers Guardian. He is pictured (right) taking delivery from Mark Garrett, Northern Regional Manager for CF Fertilisers.


Mr Moscrop is the third generation of his family to live and work at Ryeclose Farm, his grandfather having moved there in 1954 when it consisted of 180 acres and included a herd of 40 dairy cows.

Since then the business has grown significantly and become much more specialised, transitioning from mixed farming to all grass ten years ago. T. W & A. M. Moscrop & Son now farm 1150 acres of grassland, which ranges from permanent pasture to short-term leys that support 400 British Friesian and Shorthorn dairy cows, plus followers, together with 800 beef cattle.

“We have used products manufactured by CF Fertilisers for as long as I can remember and now buy around 200 tonnes a year,” Mr Moscrop says.

“Depending on the season, about a third of that is Nitram and the remainder is in the form of products from the CF AfterCut range, including NK Sulphur (27-0-6 (6SO3).

“These days I always use CF Nitram because it is by far the best quality, most consistent and most efficient Nitrogen product on the market.

“It is 15 years since urea was used here, because the response was so inconsistent and variable it always seemed like we were working blind.

“We switched to Nitram and have continued to use it because the product gives a faster, more predictable response, which is very important as we produce all of our own forage using our own equipment.”

As part of the competition Mr Moscrop correctly identified that across five trials on five different sites, Nitram use resulted in an average 10% improvement in Nitrogen Fertiliser Use Efficiency (NfUE) compared to urea, meaning more N is available to support grass growth.