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Mr George Parsons recently received a delivery of 28.2T of Nitram in the Gold bags representing 50 years of Nitram being on the market. 


In celebration of Nitram 50th Birthday CF is releasing a number a gold bags through a series of draws for customers.  Chosen recipients receive a load in gold colour bags plus a £150 voucher towards a future order plus a goody bag.  

George and Shirley Parsons farm 300 acres at East Roose, Otterham, Camelford.  George is the second generation of his family to farm East Roose, taking full control from his father in 1990.  The farm carries 270 milking Holstein Friesians and 60 young calves 0-16 weeks.  The emphasis is very much on keeping things as simple as possible and George and Shirley run the farm with just one full time workman, plus a relief milker. 

Young stock leave the farm at 16 weeks and are contract reared to return at 22 months ready to calve at 24 months.  There is no expensive machinery lying idle on the farm, simply a tractor, tractor and yard scraper and a fertiliser spreader.  All major tasks are carried out by a contractor.

The farm is all down to grass, with 100 acres of whole crop cereals being brought in to provide starch and fibre in the winter feed ration.  The 270 milkers are grazed on a rotational system during the summer, and in winter housed in cubicles and manger fed a mixture of grass and whole crop silage.  Out of parlour feeders top up concentrate requirements according to yield.  The only field work that is carried out by farm labour is fertiliser application, which George prefers to do in order to get application times as near as possible to the required date. 

Three cuts of silage are taken after an application of slurry and 100 units of Nitrogen for the first cut, followed by 75 units of KayNitro Sulphur for second and third cuts.  An early application of Nitrogen followed by mid-season dressings of Swardsman (25-5-5) is applied to the grazing fields to provide approximately 2 units per acre per day of Nitrogen, which provides ample grazing for the herd throughout the season.


Nitram celebratory gold bags