Blue Bags Grow Better Crops


Lincolnshire farmer Stuart White of Manor Farm, Bassingham has just taken delivery of 10 tonnes of British-made fertiliser after winning a competition organised by CF Fertilisers and Farmers Guardian magazine.

Nitram competition winner Stuart White (right) and Tim Kerr of Hutchinsons (left) oversee delivery of 10 tonnes of ‘Blue Bag’ fertiliser at G. R. H. White Farming’s Manor Farm.

Mr. White, whose family have relied on ‘Blue Bag’ products ever since Nitram (34.5%N) was introduced in 1965, chose to receive four tonnes of CF Nitram and six tonnes of CF Twenty Ten Ten (20:10:10), which was presented by Tim Kerr, Fertiliser Manager for Hutchinsons, a family-owned company that has provided agronomy services and crop inputs to G. R. H. White Farming Ltd for many years.


The third-generation to operate his family’s business, Mr. White farms 280ha (700 acres), comprising 100ha (250 acres) of winter wheat, 40ha (100 acres) of winter barley, 70ha (175 acres) of oilseed rape and 34ha (85 acres) of spring barley, together with 36ha (90 acres) of sugar beet. He comments:


“When it comes to fertiliser we routinely use Nitram, DoubleTop and Twenty Ten Ten to help produce high yielding, high quality crops, so when I received an email announcing the competition to win 10 tonnes of CF Fertiliser I decided to enter.


“I submitted my details on-line and then forgot all about it until I received a ‘phone call from the company to tell me that I’d won. That came as a nice surprise and at a very appropriate time because I needed some additional fertiliser for our spring barley and game cover plots, which is why I chose a combination of Nitram and Twenty Ten Ten.


“We have used Nitram on all our crops for over 50 years and continue to do so because it absolutely consistent in terms of product quality and the results which it delivers. It is dust free, spreads well and being Ammonium Nitrate is totally reliable, which is increasingly important to maximise crop yields and minimise risk.


Tim Kerr, Fertiliser Manager for Hutchinsons, adds: “Mr. White is a long-standing customer of ours so we were delighted to hear that he had won this valuable prize.


“Our aim is to improve the profitability of our customers’ farming businesses whilst taking account of environmental and practical considerations. We offer a comprehensive crop nutrition service and employ a dedicated technical and commercial team to support to our agronomists.


“This enables us to deliver impartial advice alongside a wide range of products. When it comes to Nitrogen fertiliser Nitram is widely recognised as the market leader and is very popular because of its combination of reliability, quality and competitive price.


Mark Garrett, Regional Manager for CF Fertilisers UK Ltd, adds,

“Fertiliser continues to offer the greatest response of any crop input and therefore potentially the highest return on investment.

“To achieve optimum yields and financial margins it is vital to apply the right nitrogen type, in the right amount, at the right time, in the right place. The starting point is to choose the most effective form of Nitrogen and European and UK research such as the Defra NT26 project which investigated a range of Nitrogen sources proved beyond doubt that farmers benefit significantly from choosing Ammonium Nitrate (AN) over urea.

“This is because the ammonia lost through volatilisation following urea application reduces the amount of Nitrogen available to the crop by an average of 24%, but by up to 43% in arable situations and 58% on grassland.

Nitram is the only straight Nitrogen product produced in the UK and remains the Number One choice for farmers. The iconic blue bags have become an integral part of the countryside and the fertiliser products they contain are constantly developed.


“In recent years, for example, CF Fertilisers has reduced the carbon footprint of Nitram by 40%, championed environmentally responsible fertiliser use and conducted numerous trials so that farmers can optimise the use of our extensive range of products.”


Nitram® 34.5% N, a highly reliable and consistent straight Nitrogen fertiliser, is ideal for use on grassland and arable systems throughout the growing season. 


Twenty Ten Ten is a true Granular Compound fertiliser for use in extensive grassland systems on soils low in Phosphate and Potash, where the aim is to supply modest amounts of Nitrogen and build soil fertility. DoubleTop 27N (30SO3) is a high quality granulated product combining Ammonium Sulphate and Ammonium Nitrate for crops with a high Sulphur demand.