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Dr. Sajjad Awan to head up the business’s technical services for customers and lead new initiatives in the development of best future fertiliser practices.

Formerly the AHDB’s crop nutrition research and knowledge transfer manager, Sajjad gained his doctorate at Warwick University where he led several important crop nutrition focused projects.

“Fertilisers have transformed global food production in recent times and maintaining their role in delivering high levels of agricultural output in the most sustainable manner possible is now of critical importance to everybody,” he says.

CF has a strong foundation on which to develop these initiatives across both arable and grassland production.

We want to be at the heart of the debate about fertilisers in the years ahead and play a leading role in shaping the thinking that will define their use in the future.

Services like CF’s unique N-Min system to fine-tune fertiliser application levels, Nitrogen fertiliser Use Efficiency (NfUE) analysis to ensure optimal use of nitrogen by plants and lower carbon fertiliser manufacturing, are all important steps on the journey, he adds.