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Unless farmers have a good reason not to, then Sulphur should be applied to all oilseed rape crops as a routine, according to the latest research conducted by ADAS, funded by CF Fertilisers, AHDB, Monsanto & the water industry.  



Levels of atmospheric deposition are now so low that they do not cover crop requirement and therefore this has to be supplemented through fertiliser. By the time you begin to see symptoms of Sulphur deficiency it is too late and more often than not the damage has been done. Severe deficiency manifests itself as yellowing of the youngest leaves in crops and causes pale flowers in oilseed rape.

During the last two years field experiments have been undertaken to determine the optimum Sulphur rate at two N rates sufficient to deliver either a 3.5 or 5.0t/ha yield. In 2014 yield increases of up to 400% were measured where Sulphur had been applied at the optimum of 75kg SO3/ha. Applying Sulphur also increased the crops’ oil content from 39 to 45%. This was achieved by applying as little as 30kg SO3/ha. On light, very responsive soils such as those seen in the experiments the impact of applying Sulphur is substantial and farmers should also remember that crops need Sulphur to make the best use of Nitrogen.


Sulphur for OSR


CF Fertilisers have been manufacturing high quality Sulphur containing fertilisers for the past 25 years and DoubleTop is still recognised as being the original and the best Sulphur product of choice the market place has to offer.

DoubleTop is traditionally applied in one application to oilseed rape but can also be split and applied in two dressings, if less Nitrogen is required early in spring. All cereals have a requirement for Sulphur, especially those which are sold into quality markets, such as milling wheat and malting barley. These crops require c. 50kg SO3/ha and applying Sulphur provides assurance that grain quality is protected and premiums are secure. Newer varieties like Skyfall, with high potential for yield and quality, require higher optimum Nitrogen rates and combining Nitram with DoubleTop ensures that extra investment is realised in crop quality.

Products such as DoubleTopSingleTop & NPKS offers flexibility to supply Sulphur timely as the crop needs it in the correct ratio.